I’d probably have to go with 50 horse sized ducks I guess.

at least I could fly away?

I’d probably have to go with 50 horse sized ducks I guess.

at least I could fly away?

Can I ask a bunch of questions in one ask? Is it alright to send you Turd magic (equivalent to anon magic)? I don’t care who answers. Can I have a link to your dA, if you have one? Do you want a little summary of what occurred on tumblr before you joined, so you can catch up on events and such? Welcome back~

Turd magic is greatly appreciated, I love all the questions! ouo

I do my da is here.  And a little summary would be super fabulous, I bet I have a lot to catch up on.  Thank you!

howdy folks; long time no see!


This just made my day.

I’m so glad bro ;u;

howdy folks; long time no see!

Been feeling like drawing some Zubat lately, and after midterms are over (this monday) I feel like I’d have so time~

The problem is, I’m fresh out of questions!

Anyone want to help me with that? c;




Quickly answered all the questions in my mailbox~  Some of them have comments from Zubat, and others are comments from me myself.  Time to close up this here blog for the time being.

Thanks for your time, guys!  C:

;A; W-we’re gonna miss you Zubat.

I hope you come back some day, and please be sure to keep in touch with us! Oh I wish I could provide you a whole basket of rarecandies just to take care of yourself, Bro!

Will do!  And thanks bro ;u;


Days, Months, Years of training! Master Billie helped me a lot! I don’t think I would be this strong without her >) Every day I would train, learning new moves and making the ones I knew even stronger! I have a strategy for anything you could possibly throw at me!
This is a picture of me practicing some moves! Pretty terrifying, huh? >P

OOC: 361 hours and 40 minutes of game play. He’s been level 100 for 4 or 5 months now so…around 300 hours I suppose. Man, I need a life! :P